Mozilla Utility Program

One way to collect data from visitors to a web site is to use a form that emails the results. Suppose your form was produced by HTML code like this:
<P>First name:<INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="First">
<P>Last name:<INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="Last">
<P>Email address:<INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="Email">
The form would look like this:

First name:

Last name:

Email address:

Suppose A. Ross Peterson <> filled out your form and submitted it. His browser would send you an email message, with subject (assuming a Netscape browser): "Form posted from Mozilla". The body of the message would look like:
The information you receive in this email message is encoded, and will always be a single line of text. The MOZILLA.EXE utility program will convert a file consisting of one or more lines, in this encoded format, into a WP secondary merge file. You could then import this file into a DP database, or merge it into a WP primary merge file.

You may download the MOZILLA.EXE utility program and use it freely for your personal purposes or on behalf of your clients. If you wish to incorporate it into a commercial product, please contact Sanbachs, LC.

To use the program, copy each line received from "Mozilla" into a text file, and save it as MOZILLA.TXT. You may wish to use the Windows Notepad application to do this. If you run MOZILLA.EXE in the same directory you have placed MOZILLA.TXT, it will create a WP secondary merge file named MOZILLA.SF. If such a file already exists, it will be overwritten without warning.

Last updated: June 2, 1997.

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