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Last updated: November 22, 2001

Latest Releases

The current release of DataPerfect, version 2.6e, became available February 2, 2000, and can be downloaded from the DataPerfect Users Discussion Group. Version 2.6f has been in beta testing since August 25, 2000.


The DataPerfect Manual and other Documents are available for download from the DataPerfect Users Discussion Group. From this same source, you can download the excellent book by Ralph Alvy, Mastering DataPerfect.


DataPerfect users support each other, in an active, vibrant, and helpful community. The quickest way to get help with your DataPerfect applications is to join the mailing list and introduce yourself and your problem. Someone in the community will almost certainly be able to help you.

DataPerfect lives on -- on the Internet!

Several people use DataPerfect to manage the content of their websites. These systems use a new ability of DataPerfect to have a report write to multiple output files to periodically generate a collection of related HTML files making up the site. Some of these include:

Udo Tjalsma
DataPerfect Users Discussion Group
Harold Wilkinson
WFGS & WFRL Catalog of Genealogy Resources
Fisher-Pou Funeral Home Records -- Surname Indices
Niek van Baalen
PRISMA--The Netherlands' Gateway to Development related Research and Higher Education
Kennisbank Ruimtelijke Ordening
Bill Reilly
NYS Department of State, Division of Community Services (Calendar of Events)
Bill Reilly's Home Page
Edwin Russell
East Staffordshire Badminton League.
Pat Riley
Ask The Attorney
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The approach of generating HTML files from a DataPerfect database works well, at least until the database gets to a certain size. As Niek points out, you can get to a situation where you are generating "thousands of HTML files which took hundreds of magabytes and hours to produce." At this point, it begins to make sense to have pages generated on demand, rather than generated ahead of time and stored. For the Computerized Ancestor (see below), there are over 800,000 records and nearly five million possible HTML pages, which, together, would take over fifty gigabytes of disk storage. Instead, the page needed by each visitor is generated, on demand, from a database that is only 100 megabytes in size, using four Perl scripts and the Firestorm database engine.

Through the use of the Firestorm database engine, which is compatible with the DataPerfect file formats, several people have websites that generate pages dynamically, on demand. Many of these use more than one DataPerfect database. All of them update and/or create records during their normal operation. Some of these include:

Tony Perez Communications
Know & Enjoy Mexico (over 14 million page views since July 1, 1997)
Yates Publishing
The Computerized Ancestor (over 8.8 million page views since September 17, 1996)
Genealogy Advertising Cooperative (435774 ad impressions and 13415 click throughs since July 10, 1997)
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Our guest book is also a dynamic website, using the Firestorm database engine.

Sanbachs Services

  • We coordinate the volunteer effort to improve the open source Firestorm database engine, which is compatible with DataPerfect databases.
  • You can arrange for us to host your DataPerfect application on the Internet. Free sample.
  • An example of a DataPerfect report to produce a collection of html pages.
  • A free utility program to help you collect information from visitors to your web sites.
  • Join our Genealogy Advertising Cooperative and get a free guest book for your web site.
  • We can recommend our internet service provider, ArosNet.
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